One Piece Card Game – OP-05 A Protagonist of the New Generation Card List


The upcoming One Piece Card Game OP-05 A Protagonist of the New Generation, will be available this 26th of August 2023. The set consist of 127 different cards featuring cards from Skypiea and the Revolutionary Army

Release Date: 26 August 2023


  • Leader card: 6 types
  • Common: 45 types
  • Uncommon: 30 types
  • Rare: 26 types
  • Super rare: 10 types
  • Secret rare: 2 types
  • Special card: 6 types
  • Don !! Card: 1 type
  • 1st Anniversary Special Card: 1 type
  • *There are 27 parallel illustration cards in this product.

Pack Art

1st Anniversary Special Card

Oda card with his signature!

OP-05 Manga!

SP Cards

Leader Parallel Art



Been busy opening cases this 2 days here’s the configuration for a case of OP-05:

1 Case – 12 Boxes

4 Boxes with SEC (2 Luffy 2 Kaido)
2 Boxes with Leaders (Random from the 6)
1 Box with SP card (Random from the 6)
80% chance to get 1 Box with Anniversary Card (Without signature)

Anniversary Card (with signature) is a bonus pull, can appear randomly similar to Manga card.

Rumour: Anniversary Card (with signature) and Manga can appear in SEC boxes.


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