Zatch Bell: Companions of Eternal Bond – Close Beta Test to be Held in September


GameOn together Neowiz have come together to announce a new mobile game based on Zatch Bell. This new mobile game is developed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Zatch Bell series. The game is currently recruiting Players for the CBT which will be held in September.

This is a really exciting news for me as Zatch Bell is one of my favourite Manga/Anime series till date. I’ve been wondering all these years why aren’t there any mobile gaming company picking up this fantastic IP with so much potential.

Currently, I do not have much information on the actual gameplay except that you will be able to recruit characters from the original series to do battle with Zatch Bell.

From now till the 6th of September, Players in Japan can register for the Close Beta Test. The test date itself is not confirmed but it will be held in September.

Official Site


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